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It's hard to think of a reason to write out a journal when it's been so long since I've really used one, but if I go any more self-hermitting I'm going to have to go climb on top of a telephone pole and live there instead. (That's what hermits do, right?)

It's no so much that I don't want to interact with people, as I'm not quite sure what I have to offer. My time lately consists of experiments in the kitchen, tidying the house and having my toes gnawed on by a cat so black I think he's part of the original void.

So holding up my half of the conversation is mostly "Nothing new going on. Covered in flour. Brb, the cat threw me down the stairs." I'm interested in other people and what they're doing, but generally they want more than thoughtful noises while they monologue.

I do really good thoughtful noises.

I think I just need a good recharge. Need to get some good sleep under my belt so I stop feeling so existentially tired and can actually /do/ the awesome stuff at my fingertips. Two snakes, a leopard gecko- endless amounts of paper and glue for papercrafting, art supplies, writing, socializing online-

There's so much I know I can enjoy, I just need to get the energy to /do/ so.
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