Aug. 5th, 2015

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There is an ongoing trend where keeping up with any sort of social connections, even as faint as DW, fall easily by the wayside. I might argue, for the sake of seeming a bit more like a normal human being, that it's because we have been insanely busy. And while that would be true, it is not the actual reason.

Honestly, it feels as if there is very little to offer out to the world at large. No point of view, no rant, no pleasant thought that does not feel like shouting into the void. Sometimes though, I think the void needs to be shouted at- and some things need to be written out to feel real.

((Also prefaced for brief talk about dysphoria/binding/packing.  If it bothers anyone, we can tag these entries))

Oh god this rambled on )
This is getting away again.

I think the point was that the things we all struggle with every day can seem small and manageable some days/weeks/months- and utterly consume us on others. Don't be afraid to do what you have to treat them, or reach out for support. It's not 'small', it's not 'pathetic' to have issues that sometimes peak out. No more pathetic than carrying around 75 pounds for weeks, and occasionally finding you have to set it down or catch your breath.

Look for the weights when you're feeling overwhelmed, and figure out how to take a break. It's important.


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