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Rather than just another *dusting off* post- because I've done way too many of those in the past, for way too many different sites, I'm just going to start this all over again. I'll have to check old posts to see if they still fit /me/, but for now, lesse-

I'm the kind of idiot that can juggle washing a sink full of knives while I toss dough onto a hot skillet with a cat twining around my legs, but I'll burn my hand on a tortilla I just made because I want to gloat to myself about how pillowy soft it is.

I've got an amazing amount of books loaded onto my kindle, and even though I'm a failure at charging it, I still have to carry it around with me because books are /important/.

Normally I'd just say that I'm a cranky old man because my hair is more than half grey by now, but if I left it at that no one would understand my posts whining about cramps and bleeding one week out of the month. So, an old cranky transman that whines entirely too much but gets away with it because his amazing significant other @Oraien agrees that it's cruel that nature has subjected him to this even though she has to go through the same thing.

She was also very sympathetic when I accidentally bit down on a stink bug, and really, can it get any more real than that?

Turns out I have way too much free space in the headspace (haha, I'm so word clever) so it's rented out to a buncha other dudes and ladies that run around having more amazing adventures than I do, but occasionally help me remember that I need to pick garbage bags up at the store because if I forget it again, I'm just going to strip the pillowcases off our pillows and use those instead.

I adore talking to people, but hermit myself at the same time because being consistant is entirely out of style (and because I am, in fact, a rock and sometimes am buried under other rocks). Comments, questions, compliments and sass are all readily accepted- though if you push me over the sass limit, @Oraien might be annoyed to have to restrict for the rest of the month.

Blahblah- I should go and update my interests on this place- oh and some icons- blah.

Date: 2015-05-11 08:03 am (UTC)
oraien: ([★ // universal reset])
From: [personal profile] oraien
Oh you are perfect, you are.

Date: 2015-05-11 08:13 am (UTC)
oraien: ([🌌 // We the People])
From: [personal profile] oraien
Oh hush. I'm allowed to think you're positively perfect. -Mary


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