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Alive, full of pancakes, and grateful that the cat that we didn't notice get out a couple of nights ago, was waiting there in the morning, really happy to get back inside.  Really, really grateful for that.

The cats are all doing well-  the newest boy is spoiled rotten and enjoying it-  pretty sure he's already learned the word 'cheese' as well as Rai's favorite name for him "Pippet"

But only if she says it.

Otherwise, doing good in the battle against cleaning that had stacked up a bit when we were going to the rescue every day.  It's
 a real relief to feel like I'm making progress on things. 

I need to decide an an art to focus on again too-  I've picked up and put down sketching, oil paints, pastels, papercrafting and origami over the years, and I never seem to settle.  I'd like to get good at just one thing so-  things to think about.

I'm trying to reach out to people online too.  I'm pretty terrible at keeping things going-  I wish there was a button I could hit "paying attention, but nothing clever to say".  Acknowledging the things that stress me as well, and trying to deal with them.  Basically trying to become more aware of my shortcomings so I can make some personal progress.

And related to the art I guess... I want to figure out even maybe a small goal/focus in life.  I don't need to be better than anyone at it, I just want to enjoy doing it.  I want to have a passion but I don't know how to go about doing it.


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